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Think Bigger entrepreneurial empowerment initiativeUpStart entrepreneurial training is Longwood Small Business Development Center's exciting FREE bootcamp for entrepreneurs.

The series is designed for students to be able to learn most of the subject matter interactively and online, prior to class time, so that the face-to-face and live experiences focus on hands-on application with real world experts.

A distinguishing element of the UpStart experience is that students will not find an instructor talking at them for hours on end. The students learn interactively using the best content from around the world and apply it with professional experts and peers locally, in real time, with the ultimate goal of providing a rich and rewarding experience that is meaningful for all. Everyone will learn together via questioning, applying, failing forward and succeeding.

The class builds community and cohesion, creating an environment to promote higher order thinking and hands-on application. Participants will create and test assumptions with real potential customers in a structured way that allows them to track their progress, as they work together with experts to develop a meaningful business model.

The Spring 2016 Session will be held in Emporia from Feb 11th to March 17th! Sign up here.

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“The UPstart class was ideal for me as it offered the tools that helped me see if my idea would make a good business or if it was more of a hobby. After working the Business Model I was given suggestions and information that took me down a path well suited to my goals. The information given in the class is invaluable to anyone who thinks they might want to go into business themselves. The speakers are well selected professionals offering information on marketing a business and financing. The teachers make the entire experience flow from the beginning to the end, always approachable, very supportive and enthusiastic.” Teresa Lowery – 2014 UpStart Graduate