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Great resources for anyone looking to start a business or grow an existing business; information like tips for writing your business plan, worksheets for developing cashflow projections - even a template to help prepare your resume. Visit Longwood Small Business Development Center to find out more about how they can help you develop a successful business plan.

Folder Funding

A variety of documents to help you understand types of financing, how to prepare for a loan application, and how to assess the health of your business. Longwood Small Business Development Center provides a wealth of information about securing funding for your business.

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Download these resources for help in developing your marketing and sales strategies.

Whether it’s identifying new markets or creating an e-marketing strategy, the Longwood SBDC can help you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

Longwood SBDC maintains access to professional market research databases that can help you refine your marketing strategy. For customized, confidential help with market research and planning, contact your local Longwood SBDC office.